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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Noticed how the small buttons on the home page are not titled?

That's done on purpose actually.

The reasoning behind this is simple.

The main focus of our passion for photography is music. That is why you'll see CONCERTS divided in Live Music captures AND Stampede City Sessions.

Over the last almost ten years we have been blessed to have a chance to take great pictures of everything that happens around SCS. Guests, sponsors, crew, behind the scenes, award ceremonies, catering, green room, backstage or any of the concert related themes you'll find around this live to tape event. Five times a year. Follow the link and it will take you directly to their page.

Thank you Candace and Lorne. And Jessie. For this funny moment.

Then we have Kevin and Nandy - like Candace and Lorne also great friends of ours.

Kevin Hendrickson is with the CS and has kindly invited us on numerous occasions to come along and be part of his honourable citizen, white Hatting ceremony.

Now, there isn't a link to his site, but you'll find him all year round throughout Calgary, asking baffled artists to take the Calgary Stampede Cowboy Oath the way it was supposed to be. Funny and crowd engaging.

You'll come across pictures and videos of his program everywhere in Cowtown. From Sir Paul McCartney to Amy Schumer to Queen and Chris Botti. He's done hundreds of them.

But just because we're mostly about music.

If you are an artist and we've taken pictures of you or your performance, and you would like to get copies, please don't hesitate to contact us.Or Stampede City Sessions. (Follow the links)

Now back to the navigation.The untitled buttons are to reflect the corresponding themes, which are:

Creative and Classic Dance, Portraits and couples, Landscapes, travel and infrastructure and lastly, flavour, which is really just a fancy way of saying miscellaneous.

Well, have fun navigating through it.

Before I let you do that, Kindly consider the following.

There will be a nominal fee on any requests for prints and/or images. (Unless you are the artist or the person portrayed). This is to reflect the cost for maintenance, travel and storage. Prices vary based on location, scope of request and time spend. I will be able to point you in a certain direction regarding print or production but unfortunately we do not deal with that.

Thank you very much

Dirk & Melissa

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