Send us an email if you'd like to get us to come and shoot your performance or need a band, cover, headshot, dance or anniversary shoot.

If you have an ideas for some toy photos or would like to get dressed up and climb on our Lightbox, let us know and we will try to make something happen. Please use the photophantom email if that's what you're interested in.

Feel free to use any of them or give us a ring if you just want to leave some feedback.


About Us

Photography has been a passion for both of us. Going back to 1989. 

We've made many friends through it and are especially lucky to call great people like Candace and Lorne or Kevin, Ron, Tommy, Rob and Russell  friends. 

We like to thank you and everyone else that had fun with us or would love to do so for all you've done - or going to do.

Cheers - Prost

                                -Dirk & Missy


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