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The star that officially rang in season six at

Stampede City Sessions on the 22nd of September 2018 was none other than Edmontons very own Maddie Storvold.

Having grown up in Dubai for the most part Maddie found her way to the City of Champions, where she continued to set the path of her musical career.

This very talented singer/guitarist won the crowd over from the moment she sat foot on the stage.

Although battling the epidemic flu that hits these parts of the Great White North during this time of the year, she did not hesitate to deliver line after line of her funny, quirky sense of humour, interlaced with music that was written from the heart.

Maddie is currently touring out West but is asking fans for ideas for some out of the ordinary, special places to perform. Like Libraries.

She has recently performed in places like Zoos, Planetariums or, like I said before, Libraries.

Make sure not to kiss her on your travels through our beautiful province or our nice neighbours.

You won't regret it. She's funny. Trust me on that.

For more information see the Concert page of this site or go to


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