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  • Dirk at MVHPhoto on LionBearFox

So Stampede City Sessions, the premier Live Music Television event in Calgary,

started Season 6 with a ROAR.

Lion Bear Fox, the Heavy Hitters from Vancouver surely got the crowds going when they performed for the second time here in three years.

But not only did they bring a whole assortment of new materials, they also did bring a new, fourth member to add some depth in the rhythm section.

What animal kingdom representation the new drummer will bring to the pack has yet to be determined, but that does not take away from the fact that this trio, pardon me, quartet, can really rock your socks off.

This is a shot capturing the energy that flowed freely during an encore performance after being white hatted to be recognized as honorary citizens of Calgary by representation of some Tourism Calgary officials.

Go visit the Concert section of this website. Find the Stampede City Sessions button and dive into over 5 seasons of local, national and international artists that graced the stage at Webber Academy's state of the art theatre.

For more information check out www. or check out their fb page.

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