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Updated: Nov 23, 2018

It's just appropriate that the first blog on the new website is a throw-back to things in the past. The new site contains some of our old time favourites, but a lot of things have changed. We hope you enjoy.

The new design was long overdue. Especially considering the vast amount of just concert photography. Certainly the largest area of the new site.

"The main focus is still on concert and live music capture - yet the other categories deserved a place to be showcased as well. Instead of introducing two web-sites, we thought it would be fun to continue with everything just in one spot. Only with a new design."

The new site is more fluid and we did our best to make navigation easy. It will take a moment to get behind what the different buttons represent, but we're sure you will figure it out.

Outside of the separation of the STAMPEDE CITY SESSIONS concert imagery from the Live Music photography from other venues, the biggest change probably involves the cancellation of the video section. The reasoning for this is twofold: First off we haven't engaged in live taping for a few years now, so updating the content is nearly impossible. Secondly, we came to the conclusion that it might be more appreciated if we just throw back to one of these videos every once in awhile. That way the blog section becomes a bit more attractive.

Lastly, we wanted to mention that, like before, we are engaging in our photography passion from a hobby perspective and it's not always easy to make schedules work. Nevertheless, we still appreciate your inquiries, ideas, suggestions and invitations. So don't hesitate to get in touch and let us be part of your project, be it as a musician, promoter, organizer, host, dancer, model or even just for some fun couple or portrait shoots.See ya.

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