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Welcome to Jam Camp,

this page is dedicated to Claude & Crystalle Holtz' annual event that brings together elements of Live Music, Camping and Companionship.

For more than half a decade it has provided a platform for musicians from every walk of life to showcase their talents.

During the day, anyone that is willing to take centre stage can put themselves on the schedule and entertain the crowd that comes from near and far to engage in a weekend filled with music, camping, family activities and nightly performances. 

Once the sun  has set and the night has put its moonlit reflections on the James River, the campfire will be lit and the lights will come on to reveal a couple of sets by the evening headliners.

Notes of sweet fragrances from the deliciously prepared culinary choices provided by a variety of vendors, will mix with the laughter of children still playing nearby into the night.

And while some folks might want to retreat to the comfort of their campers or tents, others will continue to groom their new and old friendships with campfire songs and a shared bottle (s) of liquid happiness into the wee morning hours.

Many will break the new day by filling the air with flavours of fried bacon and eggs whilst others prefer to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the James River to refresh or simply reflect on the shenanigans from the previous night.

Either way, this event has grown into a fun filled weekend that will see participants, musician or music connoisseur alike, leave the beautiful grounds with a smile - or at least a good campfire story to reflect on for the next annual Jam Camp.

Jam Camp - Artist Gallery

Allan Christie
Drum Session
JR's Band
Angela White
Stage at Night
JR's Dad
Claude Holtz
Glenn Hurst


Big Shout Out to Dee N Dee 
for providing their beautiful space
and all the work they're doing to 
make this event happen...

JamCamp 2021 


In loving memory of

Buddy Wesley

The Best Buddy one

could wish for

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